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Downeast Maritime, Inc. (DMI) (Vineyard Maritime Ltd.) is a private, well-established, and innovative training school offering Coast-Guard approved courses.

We specialize in Merchant Marine Officer Licenses and Endorsement courses for all professional mariners.

All of our courses are geared toward certification for competency. Our passing rate with the USCG Regional Exam Centers and at our facility, is very high. However, it will require your dedication.

These programs will necessitate your time and commitment. Because of the challenging nature of our courses, we maintain a limit on the number of students enrolled per module. If you are committed to success, we will commit to working with you until the completion of your license certificate requirements.
Downeast Maritime Inc. (DMI) is a very practical alternative to academy training. We offer comprehensive training with sensible time frames and fees. We are in the business of training mariners to the highest possible standards. In accordance with this primary goal, we are prepared to accommodate the student who chooses to repeat the entire licensing course, or any given segment thereof, at no additional cost within one year.
APPROVED COURSES * USCG approved testing provider!
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  • * MASTER/Mates 100 Gross Tons (25 & 50) for Inland or Near Coastal Water (Ocean) and six pack licenses.
    o 500/1600 Gross Tons (3000 gt) MASTER/ Mates Prep
    o 3rd & 2nd mate unlimited tonnage Prep
  • *Commercial Assistance Towing
  • * SAIL Endorsements
  • * RADAR Re-certification (ANY TONNAGE) one day
  • * FCC MROL & GMDSS Examinations (Marine Radio Operators License & Global Marine Distress Ship Systems)
  • * CELESTIAL "Ocean Navigation" 200/500/1600 gt (3000 gt ITC)
  • * LEADERSHIP "TRAIN THE TRAINER" Oceans any waters or tonnage. (Designed for training instructors for USCG approval.)
  • * LIMITED MASTERS Launch Tenders License
  • * Able Seaman
  • * Proficiency in Survival Craft (old Lifeboatman course)
  • * Visual Communications / Flashing Lights
  • * SAFE BOATING COURSES USCG approved one day.
* USCG Approved Text books, written by our senior instructor, for licenses 100 to 1600 gross tons, Inland & Near Coastal, Radar, Celestial & Advanced navigation, for home and/or class room study. U.S. Maritime Administration (MARAD) & Maine Maritime Academy recognized courses.

Downeast Maritime
is also an Authorized Sales Agent for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Ocean Service (NOS).
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